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Rocky Mountain rock shop specializing in Canadian gemstones, semi-precious jewellery and fossils.

WOW is our favorite compliment…

Walk through our doors and you will find the largest selection of semi-precious stone and fossil jewellery that we can fit in our combined 7,000 sq feet of display space in three retail locations. Add to that semi-precious stone carvings, mineral specimens, and fossils, and you get a “rock shop” like no other.

What began with an accidental discovery of a quartz crystal on a hike in the wilderness soon became a collecting passion that quickly evolved into a retail storefront in 1976. Years of family vacations spent fossil digging and rock collecting cemented the interest of the second generation, which continues to guide and expand the business, still excited to bring the best of semi-precious stone products, minerals, and fossils to the mainstream market place. Add in a third generation that grew up surrounded by it all and you have a thriving family business that continues to adapt and expand.

With a huge selection of products and price points that are accessible to all, there is something for everyone. We curate our semi-precious stone jewellery items from all over the world, as well as design and produce company specific lines for our clientele. The beauty of stones, both polished and in natural form, is showcased in natural mineral formations, as well as geode formations, petrified wood pieces, and stone carvings, all of which can be displayed in one’s home. Feng shui practitioners and customers that are interested in the healing powers of the stones will find information readily available in store through our well-trained and eager staff.

Fossils have been a huge a part of our company’s identity since the very beginning. You will not see a selection of fossils like this anywhere else. We carry small fossils for the beginner enthusiast all the way up to museum quality pieces for the serious, discerning collector. All of our fossils are authentic. We have more than forty years experience in the business and know all of our suppliers personally. We know who finds the fossil, who cleans and prepares it for the market, and who authenticates the fossils for museums and resale. We deal directly with the fossil collectors so that there is absolutely no question as the authenticity of the fossil. Our suppliers are pre-eminent in their specialized fields and many are used by museums and universities to authenticate, date, and classify the fossils that are still being discovered today.

Our newest venture is this online store where we can showcase our unique and interesting products to everyone that is not able to visit us in person in our Banff and Whistler, Canada locations. Enjoy!

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