Does House Treasure 88 charge GST on item sold?

Yes, House Treasure 88, being a GST registered company, charges 6% GST on all taxable supply of goods and services as set out in Law of Malaysia Act 762 Goods and Services Tax Act 2014 (“GST Act 2014”). 0% GST will be charged on zero-rated goods (such as baby milk powder, children’s picture, drawing or colouring books, etc.), based on Goods and Services Tax (Zero-Rated Supply) (Amendment) Order 2015. A full list of zero-rated goods is available here.

Further, House Treasure 88 will not charge GST on goods sold to a designated area (i.e. Labuan, Langkawi, Tioman) pursuant to section 156 (c) of the GST Act 2014. However, delivery and other charges to a designated area are subject to 6% GST pursuant to section 156 (b) of the GST Act 2014.

Does seller (domestic/international) who sell its item on House Treasure 88 website charge GST on item sold?

The same GST treatment as set out in FAQ no.1 above will apply to GST registered seller (domestic/international). No GST shall be charged on sales by a non-GST-registered seller.

Does the price shown in product page include GST?

Price of all items in House Treasure 88 website is final and inclusive of GST (6% or 0%), where applicable.

Applicable to imported items?

Yes, imported items from a GST-registered seller will attract GST. Please refer to FAQ no.1 and 2 above.

You can also refer to our International Product Policy, which states the following:

  • Do I have to pay extra duties or taxes for International Products?All internationally shipped items from House Treasure 88 marketplace should be delivered at no additional cost, since it already includes customs fees, GST, and import duty. Hence, you are not expected to pay any duties or taxes.If in any case you are asked by Customers or our logistics partner to pay duties, or you are requested to present a personal ID, please contact our Customer Service for clarification.NOTE: When customs clearance procedures are required, this might cause delays beyond our original delivery estimates - kindly liaise with our Customer Service to get new estimated delivery times.

Will I get full amount of refund inclusive of GST for any cancellation of items?

Yes, full refund amount will be the Net amount paid (or store credit used) by customer but will not include any voucher.