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Zuny Collection

These gorgeous, unique and whimsical animal bookends will make a wonderful addition to any child's sanctuary! It's not easy to find a bookend that feels at home in a nursery or child's room, but with its' adorable shape and soft construction, this bookend is just a great fit!

Lovingly hand-made, with amazing attention to detail, Sanua the Lion comes complete with a PU leather identification label.

Just not only bookends: the right to live enough to support the size and weight of most weight, they can be placed anywhere in your room or office. But also as a CD stall and stall doors, light up your home life!!!

Your warm companionship: naive Zuny for your bookends, shutter, stop door pressure. Occasionally, when you got mood stagnation, because of its lovely shape by having it in place, there will be familiar warmth of home!

Ways of protection:

1. Cleaning method : Use a damp cloth or leather stick a little special cleaning fluid to clean the surface.
2. For general appearance of the dust, wipe with a dry cloth.
3. For stains, please use weak alkaline liquid or special leather cleanser for gently dip to wash , then dried in the ventilation . Never Zuny wet.
4. Avoid the Zuny placed in extremely hot or humid place, do not put in direct sunlight , which doing so may cause Zuny discoloration.
5. Conditional please painted like Pearl Bailey leather protection Zuny appearance, can effectively maintain the baby look bright.
6. Zuny products is heavy, children under 6 years of age accompanied by an adult.