by Eden Charn

Bringing passion back into a relationship takes consistency, dedication and a lot of communication; both parties have to be completely on board. It takes being aware of your partner’s needs and not being afraid to clearly communicate your needs. Be playful and romantic. Try new things! Introduce healing crystals into the mix to create a nightly habit of checking in and connecting with each other, regardless of how tired you are day to day.

This crystal ritual is all about finding your inner middle as a couple. You both want to give, but not over give, so that your relationship feels at balance at the end of the day. Allowing the time and the space for both partners to voice their feelings, emotions, frustrations or concerns about the relationship or a particular issue will bring you closer together. Be open, and try to see the situation from your partner’s stance if it’s something you disagree on. Acknowledge what the other is saying showing them that you are listening and that you’ve heard them.

Remember, you may have some stagnant energy from past relationships, whether they were friendly or romantic. Things you didn’t even know you were holding onto may be brought up—just listen to what is coming up for you. Once your feelings are brought to the table, hear them, listen to them, feel them and then let them go once your time is complete.

A Crystal Ritual Bringing Passion Back into a Relationship

What you’ll need:

- 1 Rose Quartz crystal (you can use a rose quartz stone, a rose quartz slice or a rose quartz heart)
- 1 Carnelian crystal (you can use a carnelian stone, carnelian slice or a carnelian heart)
- a timer
- A quiet space to connect – we suggest doing this right before going to sleep, as a pre-bedtime routine
- Set a timer for 10–15 minutes.
- Before you go to sleep, sit together in bed with your partner when you are both calm and in a positive mind-set.
- Hold the rose quartz (which represents unconditional love) in your dominant hand and have your partner hold the carnelian stone (which represents passion) in his/her dominant hand.
- Begin talking to each other. What do you want out of your relationship? What do you need? How are you feeling? Is there in anything lacking? When do you feel most loved?
- Take turns talking, making sure that each person has their chance to speak.
- When the timer rings, place your crystals on your bedside table to hold the intention of igniting love and passion in your relationship.
- Repeat steps 1 through 6 for 14 to 21 days straight. Or everyday if you’d like!