Zuny is a funny zoo, Zuny is our friend.

"Zuny" - a simple, genial and creative design of leather-made home accessories, which is made out of the designers' creativity and imagination. Zuny enriches the peoples' life and provides a perfect gateway for releasing annoyances and pressures from work and frustration. Such prospection motivates Zuny to achieve its goal - "Make your life funny and easy".

Most of Zuny products are specializing in house decoration area. Zuny puts emphasis on designers and tailors' unique and valuable ideas. Thus, instead of the massive manufacturing way of producing, we confer each of the Zuny products with its own characteristic by pure and humanistic hand-made process. Zuny team insists the quality of the product with extra passion and extra work-done, but to present the best to our customers.

"Zuny spirit" is inspired by the nature environment. In view of the declining scarce natural resources, Zuny 'partner' triggers us the mission to remind everyone of us how precious and valuable our planet is with.